5 Natural Ways to Wake Up Your Mind, Body + Spirit (Yes, sex is on the List)

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when the sun peeks in and wakes you in the morning? Is it a crazy dream that you are trying to analyze, or is it the hundred things on your list for the day? Whatever it might be, those first few moments before you get out of bed set the tone for your entire day.

Are you familiar with the expression, “Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?” This is precisely what I’m going on about. Taking the time for breakfast is number one, because if you don’t, you will not have the energy you need to sustain your day. But, before you head to the kitchen for that overnight chia pudding, these 5 steps could greatly improve your mind, body and spirit:

  1. Drink a shot.  Before coffee, mix up some ACV (apple cider vinegar) with 1/2 tsp grated ginger and a squeeze of lemon. I suggest a shot because this has a distinctive taste that you might want to just get down quickly.  The benefits: Warming, alkalizing, and stimulates your digestive enzymes for better metabolism throughout your day.
  2. Wake your skin up with coffee. Again, before drinking your coffee, hop into the shower with a cup of coffee grounds mixed with brown sugar and a bit of olive oil instead. Rub this invigorating concoction all over your face and body, rinse well. The benefits: Stimulates blood circulation, the aroma of coffee naturally wakes you up, skin exfoliation and toning.
  3. Uplift with Rosemary + cold water. On the floor of your shower, try adding 3 drops of Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) and let the aromatherapy steam up into your face. You can even add a drop into your shampoo and massage it into your scalp. Just before you are ready to get out, turn off the hot water, turn up the cold and take it all in for 30 seconds. The benefits: Rosemary naturally improves memory and enhances alertness.  Cold water closes your pores, improves circulation and can effectively relieve depression.
  4. Set your intention for the day. This daily practice could change your life. It allows for clarity and focus.  Whether you stay in bed for a short guided meditation, or take a few minutes to journal your thoughts for day, your mind and spirit will greatly benefit. Ask yourself, How do I want to feel today?. You have control of your mindset and, by setting your intention, you have something to come back to if you feel like your day is going astray on you. The benefits: Empowerment, clarity, control and self-direction, accountability, and a useful tool to filter out how you do not want to feel.
  5. Have morning sex. You bet.  You could pair this up with exercise, but why would you? We can just skip ahead to…  The benefits: Sex improves connection with your partner, self confidence and self love, stimulates blood flow and circulation (an immune booster!), and releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone. Even taking time for a quickie in the morning will leave you calm and ready to take on your day.

So, tomorrow morning, before you start your day, consider what side of the bed you want to wake up on. You get to choose.

5 ways to wake up

Published by

Jen Casey, CNP

Jen Casey is a mother of 2, a Holistic Nutritionist, a business owner, and a BCRPA Certified Fitness Instructor. Jen has always had a passion for alternative wellness practices and non-toxic home and body. After the birth of her first baby in 2001, Jen developed her own line of natural baby care products, Dimpleskins Naturals, when she felt that nothing on the market was natural enough for her family. In the past, Jen has worked as a Green Coach with the David Suzuki Foundation, teaching families how to better 'green' their home and life, and still runs classes in Vancouver on ways to reduce chemicals from every day products for a healthier home. Today, Jen works as a Holistic Nutritionist with her company, Next Bite Nutrition Coaching. She focuses her practice on whole body wellness, incorporating diet, movement, sleep habits and stress management as part of her customized wellness plans. Her services include meal planning, wellness concierge services, fitness recommendations, diet and lifestyle interventions through the ages. Her recipes have been published in the Wall Street Journal, MondBodyGreen.com, Global BC and she is a regular Contributor on Nourished + Bare. Learn more about Jen at online, http://www.NextBiteNutritionCoaching.com

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