Wellness Community Member: Danielle Lindsay, Nutritionist and Mental Health Advocate

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Danielle and I am a nutritionist and a mental health advocate. I began my career as a counselor but quickly started to realize that there was more to mental health and well being than just talk therapy. I quickly burnt out and began facing my own mental health challenges. Which is part of the reason why I went back to school and became a nutritionist! I now work with clients on such health challenges as mental health as well as thyroid and adrenal issues. I also like to make really tasty food!
This is what wellness means to me:
Wellness to me means that there as a sort of balance in your life. It isn’t about the number on the scale, the salad you ate for lunch or the long run that you went for last night. To me it is so much more and so much deeper than all that. To me wellness is about bring in a state of peace and a sense of calm into the body so that you can feel great no matter what you are doing whether it is sitting at work, walking down the street, or snacking on a cookie!
I contribute to the wellness community by:
I run Thyme to Nourish which is a life coaching business/blog that focuses on nutrition, lifestyle, and having fun with food to bring about well being. I work with clients one on one, both as a counselor and a nutritionist via in person sessions or on skype to bring about balance into their life and help focus on over all mental/physical well being.
I am also an ambassador and part of a small start up called Blue Support which focuses on mental health advocacy and sending out self care boxes to those in need!
One item I cannot live without:
I don’t know if it is actually truly an item but probably my fur baby cat Vitton. I got him when I myself was struggling with my own mental health challenges and he has now become part of my being. He reminds me to slow down when I need it, forces me to sleep in on days where I am lacking in sleep, and gives me a good excuse to curl up in front of the fire with a good book. Plus he is just so darn handsome!
My favorite self care practice is:
My favourite self care practice has to be my weekly essential oil epsom salt baths. These baths have become so ritualistic for me that I can literally feel myself getting super stressed out if I go too long without on. Once a week (sometimes twice if I feel like I really need it) I light my favourite bees wax candles, draw a hot bath (even in the summer), add in some epsom salts/essential oils (I love rose, lavender, bergamot, and eucalyptus), grab a good book, and soak!
How I keep my wellness simplified:
I keep wellness simplified by encouraging myself and my clients to take everything day by day. Sometimes when we look at the bigger picture it can be very overwhelming and seem impossible to get there. By looking at each day (and moment) as its own it helps us to break things into smaller steps and also see the smaller victories we might otherwise miss. I also believe this is key because each day our bodies and minds need something different and so it is key to honour where we are at each day to make sustainable changes in the long term!
This is what motivates me:
I am motivated by so many things. But for the last year my niece, Bailey Mae, motivates me so much. It is my wish that she grows up in to a world where wellness is not talked about as something to achieve but that just is a part of life. I want her to be able to feel and know that no matter where she is she is exactly where she needs to be right then and does not need to strive to fit others ideas.
Learn more about me at:
You can follow me on instagram @thyme_to_nourish 
Or tag along on my blog for recipes, tips and trick at: www.thymetonourish-ca.com

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