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Jen Casey, Contributor

Nourished + Bare is the baby of Holistic Nutritionist, Jen Casey.

Jen is a mother of 2 teenagers and a woman devoted to health and wellness. She is a recipe creator, both of healthy meals and of skin care products. Her work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, MindBodyGreen.com, and has been featured in TV segments.

Jen grew up in downtown Toronto, and now lives in Vancouver, BC. She sees clients 1:1 with her company, Next Bite Nutrition Coaching, she teaches fitness, and she runs her natural skin care business, Dimpleskins Naturals. Besides always searching for a healthier solution to just about everything, she always wanted a platform to collaborate with like-minded women, a place to share ideas on wellness topics, and a place to call ‘home’. Nourished + Bare is just that.

Jen welcomes your recipes, articles on fitness, women’s health, natural remedies and more. The door is open…you are always welcome home.

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